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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hi, I am S-U-R-V-O-N

Yes, finally I dare to post something here...For so many months i was still struggling whether I should start blogging, but it just never started..Several months ago, before I came to this place, everyone was telling me, including myself, to start a blog describing my life here. Well, I would like to have something that could store my sweet and sour memories here as well. But sometimes, things just doesn't work out as it planned. I got to this place, saw a lot of amusing stuff...and because I was so amused that I am just TOO LAZY to write it down.

I DID write my first entry. It was a few months ago. And I even setup a space for that blog. Later, I was just too occupied with other stuff that I didn't published it and I didn't even publicize that blog as well. I like the address of that blog. It uses my real name. But when I come to think about this blogging stuff, since it is accessible by all the people around the world. I think I should not use my real name. Ok, I know, not all the people will give a damn to what I write and no one might even drop by to this blog. But still, being anonymous is way much better. (except for my own friends, who know who I am)

Artist can create their artist name. Why can't I create a blogger name??

So, do you know who am I???

Hi, I am SURVON.

Nice meeting you.

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