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Friday, December 16, 2005

RUN !!!!! FIRE !!!! ESCAPE !!!!

Everyone knows Friday is not a good day to work. Holiday mood is in the air. So, in company's mind,

Friday = good day to practise fire drill
Just a few minutes ago, there was an alarm requesting all the staff to leave the building in 3 minutes. I have 3 minutes, what should I do with this 3 minutes??

So, today's topic will be, 'How can you get away from the building as soon as possible in order NOT to get burnt'. I'm not trying to teach everyone the correct way of running away when there's really a fire in your company. But, maybe you can take my procedures as a GOOD reference. Here's the step-by-step guidance:

  1. Walk from the seat to get the jacket. Some people grabbed an umbrella with them. NO, you should never do this in such situation. Yes, I know it's raining, but, umbrella can only cover your body from the rain. When there's fire, the most important thing is all the valuable things! So, what should you do with the valuable things? From small, my parents and teachers already taught me, "valuable things must be kept in a safe place". So, I put all the valuable stuff in the drawer and lock it. See? Clever or not?? (let's not discuss whether the drawer is fire resistant or not)
  2. Tying nicely my scarf. Should I tie it by putting the left on top or the right on top? Should I make a few loops around my neck or just one will do? This is a very important step, because IF you could escape from the building, I am sure you won't want to catch a cold.
  3. Putting on my jacket. Make sure I zip the jacket "tight-tight" cause it's so bloody cold out there and windy, and I don't want any cold air to blow onto my body.
  4. Go to the nearest stairs. Everyone was going to this stair that there was some human traffic congestions, but nevermind, i still have some time to spare
  5. Catwalk down the stairs. Remember, never run down! Why? Because you might just miss the gossip from the people at your side. Get my point?
  6. Now, everyone has reached the ground, standing outside the building 'enjoying' the cold air and rain. This is a kind of team building time where everyone get together and talk nonsense. While chatting with each other, the lung-cancer-patients-to-be can start smoking too. So, you kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

That's the end of my 'Fire Drill Procedure" report. What do you think about the whole process? The duration of getting out of the building can be minimize? - No, I'm sure this is the optimum solution already. Don't argue with me!!! But still, something is lacking. I think a cup of coffee will make the steps more perfect. Don't you think so? Now the only problem is when should I get the coffee? Should I put it after step 1 or after step 3? Can anyone give some suggestions?

Okay, since I could successfully escape from the fire, I think I deserve some rewards. It's Friday Night !!! It's Party Nite !!

Let's get it started now !!!

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