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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bored of your life?


B.O.R.E.D !!!

That could precisely explain my current mood. What can I say? The best activity around Europe nowadays, other than party, is to lay down in a garden on the green green grass, smelling the flowers' ador. Excuse me, but ACHOOOOO *sneeze sneeze*.

Enjoying the nature is sure a pleasant experience. But as the Sun and the nature comes in pair, I'll have to withdraw myself from fondling the nature for my love to the Sun.

Freezebee? Sounds good, if it's indoor or during cloudy day. Picnic? Maybe under a tree. Sight-seeing? Well, this sounds good, and it's the only chance for me NOT to run away (too much) from the sun. Of course, any NEW program that I have never tried before, I will still consider participating under the sun (for a while).

Heliophobia. Yes, that is, and don't even try to heal me.

The only activities I can think of now, which I think I would really enjoy, will probably be...

  • Karaoke - it's not popular here
  • Shopping - window shopping will be wiser as everything sold here is twice or thrice more expensive than Malaysia
  • Visiting Uncle Lim in Genting Highlands
  • Snooker/pool/billiard - a lousy player I am
  • Surfing net - that's what I'm doing now

The more I get in touch with the Sun here, the more I think it's not a place for me. I guess I will really have to consider settling down in Malaysia. Though the Sun is 10x stronger, at least I'm not forced to adore it and there are more indoor programs to enjoy.

Be strong, Survon. Just 3 more months to go...

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