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Friday, April 07, 2006

Orange Sunday

The hot and most sensitive issue in Hungary, non other than the political controversy, has arrived. It seems not much people here are really concern about the election (at least for those engaged in my daily life).

Only till Sunday, I could suddenly feel the unexpected patriotism in the Hungarians.

One of the parties here had a HUGE gathering with all their logos in orange everywhere flooding part of Budapest.

There was also a mini market, probably trying to attract more citizens joining the fun.

Because of this HUGE gathering, they closed one the tram lines, which I don't usually take, but unfortunately I had to take on that day. Darn! Why can't they close it in other days when I DON'T have to be bothered by it? They even gave the wrong information saying I could take the same line after a few stations. So I walked a little bit till that point, but it was still closed. And I walked to another station to try and find the next available tram station, then another, and another, and another,.....I lost count.

I ended up walking for half an hour from one point to another, in which I could have taken another line which will reach in 20 minutes by just SITTING! Stupid wrong information from BKV (Budapest's public transportation company).

My walking route

It's too kind for BKV to organize such impromptu sight-seeing by making me walked along the whole river. Thanks, but no thanks. I've seen enough of the flooded brown Danube.

To save my ass, it's better for me to clarify that I ain't a supporter of the orange party, nor am I interested in any of this matter. If you ask my opinion, I think apple is good.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

This entry was suppose to be posted on Sunday. But after walking for half an hour, eh, you think I'm not tired ar?? In case you forgot, I'm JUST a typical Malaysian!!!

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