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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Roller bleeding blading

I used to watched a lot of X-Game back in Malaysia through Astro (I think it was on ESPN channel) because my brother love to watch it. Watching them performing all the stunts, I do wonder how many bones have they broken before they reach that level.

While I was watching them doing all the stunts in real life, the evil me was thinking, "Let's stand here, and watch them falling down". I think the angel me was not quite happy about that and she made fell even when I was just standing STILL because I couldn't control my rollerblade.

Luckily I just scratched my hand a little bit...

Biljana-the-FinestWife putting a plaster on my wound...

There goes my plaster-of-love (courtesy of Marlia-the-Flirter)...


Moral of the story: Never try to stand still on your rollerblade if you are a novice.

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