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Monday, May 01, 2006

Finger Licking Good

KFC..McDonald's..These were a few pioneer franchising fast food international chain company I knew when I was a small primary school kid that I could afford. It was one of the hangout places with friends having our favourite food. In those days, it was so-called 'in' going to these places.

It was quite surprising to me when these fast food restaurant were not that popular here in Hungary, KFC in particular. In ratio, number of KFC vs McDonald's would be 1:10. Burger King and McDonald's would usually come in pair. Whenever there is a McD, you could observe Burger King at maximum 2 streets away. KFC? Out of the sight.

9 solid months in Hungary, 9 solid months I've never tried KFC till last Friday...

I miss the 'finger licking good' so much!


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