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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Friday Night

Yesterday, Christian (German) asked me to go to Szeged today with some other friends and I've promised them to go. But when I woke up this morning, I don't feel like going anymore because I think the weather now is too cold to travel around for some sight-seeing. So, I ended staying at home now, writing this stupid blog. Another reason is because I've already promised my colleague to go to her house party tonight. And of course I suppose the main reason is simply because I'M LAZY...hahaha...Since I have some time now, I'll write about my yesterday...

As x'mas is around the corner, there's x'mas party everywhere. The AIESEC local committee (LC) here, will usually elect new members at this time while having the x'mas party. To be an ordinary member of LC, you need to be elected. Hey, it's not the Executive Board (EB) election, it's just about being a MERE member. If you are not elected, it means you are not even qualified to be an ordinary normal 'kehlefe' member. That sucks.

Generally, an association will try to grab as many members as possible to make them strong. They'll try to advertise and promote their association till up the sky to catch your attention. But here, they are trying to kick you out of the association. WHAT IS THIS?? Is this what LC in Malaysia is doing as well? @er, please enlighten me.

Yesterday night I went to one of the LC x'mas party. Practically, they are not my LC. Why? Because I didn't pay protection money, and so I didn't get any protection from them. I was just joining them for fun. Meeting all the strangers. And the best part is, I GOT A MUG from them as a souvenir. I was a bit worried initially, because they might want me to pay for the mug if I don't pay the protection money. Damn. I won't tolerate with such things and I insisted not to pay any protection fees.

I was just kidding. Seriously, they are nice people. Of course, since it's x'mas party, I got some free drinks and no one pays for anything and everyone got their mug.

I leave the place as a happy girl.

Then, we headed to another party place, Djinns, which is in the city center. It was late and we had to take a night bus to that place. The place is cool, where they seperate the dance floor and the pub. So, you won't feel the music bursting your ears when you want to just chat with your friends. You don't have to shout your lungs out just to tell the person next to you to pass you the drink and I don't have to lose my nice sweet voice.

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