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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Vanished into thin air

To answer to this post, don't worry, my fingers are still attached to me completely (I hope). Five fingers still...ONE....TWO....THREE...FOUR...FIVE...SIX.....

Was not disappeared, but have been f*cking busy with my work.

Just one week before my holiday, I was darn easy with my job, waiting for defects to float from the seabed and discovered by the client (because it was UAT - User Acceptance Test). While I was still enjoying the leisure sitting in the office, counting my fingers, new and challenging task found me (Note, the task FOUND me). Everytime when I go for holidays, my work will surely be over loaded. Thus, sorry pals, no time for the blog.

In the meantime, everyone can switch to read this as an entertainment. Faye, when is my turn ar?? You forgot about me just because I'm so far??

Anyway, now that I just came back from holidays, I need to return to my busy job.

Holidays in Prague....will tell the stories when I'm free.

Now, I gotta get my ass back to the serious working world.


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