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Monday, December 19, 2005

I won my UNICOM ~~

One week ago, me and my colleague, Juan, was playing a Colombian pre-Christmas game. It's called the 'Yes-No' game. In which I am not allowed to say 'No' when I'm talking to him and he's not allowed to say 'Yes', in whatever kind of communication medium(eg:in-person, through phone, email, etc). It might sound as a shitty game. But it's actually quite challenging cause you have to be cautious all the time when talking to him, so that you won't fall into his trick, and at the same time, cracking your head trying to con him to make him saying the forbidden word.

All the time, I have to tell myself not to say 'No' and try to make him say 'Yes' Most of the time, in the process of doing that, I got confused and forgot whether I am not allowed to say 'Yes' or 'No'. We planned to play till christmas. So, to extend the duration of the game, each of us will get a point if we say the forbidden word. And the game will end when one of us reach 10 points. Guess who won??? ME ME ME!!! And the game could only last for 3 days. It's not because he's too lousy, or not good enough, but it's just because I'm TOO good in this game...hahaha...I'm glad the game ended...

And it's time to claim what I won. The bet was UNICOM. Unicom is a kind of Hungarian alcholic drink that taste more like medicine. It has a bit of herbal ingredients, I suppose. It's quite a popular drink here in Hungary. You might like it, or you might not. If you don't like herbs, then, too bad...

Yesterday was the 'Prize Giving ceremony', we got together for a house party at his place where he presented the prize. Cool ~~

Me : Thank you, Juan...

Everyone is hungry and we ordered a XXL pizza.

~~ Yummy ~~

Time for some games...

Edit, Juan's gf, also my colleague, made some hot wine for the party. In fact we had to much hot wine till we forgot about the Unicom. So now the whole bottle of Unicom is still with me, untouched. Anyone wanna share it? Anyway, I've learnt how to make the hot wine too. I'll talk about it next day, okay?

After house party, it's time for the REAL party

At the moment, this is the most expensive party in Hungary I've ever been too. Entrance for freaking 2500ft...damn...How much is 2500ft?? Here

Anyway, the party is such a big big place it is actually renovated from a left over factory. Basically, it has 3 big halls. Yesterday, there was a dance competition in one of the halls. The next hall is a kind of pub where you can sit down to have some drinks or food and play Babyfoot. And the other hall is for disco.

Some people went there to perform their skills too.

(With slow shuttle)

Part of the dance floor eventually turns into a kind of street dance competition. People start to stand in circle and the dance-expert one by one went to the center to perform, doing different stunts and somersault, experimenting which style could break which part of your body.

Hey..I need to go now..time to watch today's news..I'm on TV !!!!!!!

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