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Monday, March 27, 2006

One hour forward

We had a shorter weekend yesterday, thanks to the brilliant creator of the daylight saving which skipped our one hour sleep.

Never had I remembered to adjust the clock, though someone has already reminded me to do so. During the previous daylight saving, I got so confused with the time, because I was rushing to catch my train. This time, I had some meeting up with friends. Luckily I was following my notebook's clock most of the time. It helps adjust the clock automatically. I would only realize the change of time after I recognize the variance time between my watch and the computer time.

The main purpose of this whole day-light saving, as its name implies, serve to save the day-light time. In winter, the day time is shorter where the sun rise later and set off earlier. At that time, clock is adjusted one hour backward so that by the time you wake up at your 'usual' time, you can see a brighter sky. But I don't see much purpose in this, as you'll still go back from work in the dark, as the sun set at around 3-4pm.

Probably, the adjustment now is more beneficial. With one hour forward, we wake up at 8am in the morning, which should be 7am. Then you go home earlier at 6pm which is suppose to be 5pm, and yet the sun is still shining strong. As the people here likes the day light so much, they can do more outdoor activities during this period till maybe 9pm, because the daylight saving 'makes' the sun 'set' one hour later, which for another advantage, it contributes to the lesser use of the electric energy at home as people spends most of their days outside the house.

So, the whole day-light saving means people could enjoy more of their day time because they are 'force' to wake up earlier.

Sometimes, I would rather enjoy the clock system in Malaysia where we can predict precisely the time by just looking at the sun. 7am sunrise, 7pm sunset. How easy can that be?

But here, everything is mixed up and they have to implement this confusing daylight saving so that people could expose their sexy body more to the evil sun and get burnt.

Spring forward...Fall back....

For me, what the heck, I just wanna get my sleep...

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