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Friday, March 24, 2006

Romanian-Hungarian Folk Dance

Indulged in a new hobby nowadays.....

Romanian-Hungarian Folk Dance.

Back in Malaysia, me and some friends almost registered ourselves for a Latin dance class, but the time and number of participants was a problem. So, it was postponed. Later, we almost took up Modern dance class. But finally I was no where in between because I have to be in Hungary. Never can I imagine myself picking up something called folk dance.

Back in Malaysia, if I say I want to learn folk dance, don't you think it sounds so NOT alright? It is so NOT usual. It is so NOT's just sound so very extremely extraordinary WEIRD! It will be something like an old man in his late 70's limping towards you and tell you with his shaky voice ' butttttt...'

Folk dance is just something typical Malaysian will never consider taking it seriously (or at least constantly). Maybe there aren't much exposure to Malaysian. Not much information provided.

Yesterday was my second time going for the class. Folk dance is a kind of interesting exercise for a lazy person like me. It's healthy and you can build a strong leg from it, cause most of the time, your legs are doing the dancing. It's also considered as pressure release activity cause we got to stomp the floor as hard as possible and shout as loud as you want, along with the lively rhythm of music, of course (I was only stomping the floor but i'm not shouting like the others, well, I'm shy). And the best point of all, it's 100% FREE.

The instrumental band

Great fun...I'm doing it every Thursday night....interested? Come and join me....

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