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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Getting a free haircut?

Have you ever thought of getting a hair cut from a friend that knows nothing about trimming hair?

Have you ever thought of trimming your friend's hair when you have never in your life attended any hair dressing school before?

NO and NO.

But....YES, I just tried that. Not being cut though, I'm not that brave enough to let a hair-stylish-dummy to ruin my hair. I can let you cut my split ends, if you want. But for a real hair cut? You gotta be kidding.

Stefan-the-RomanianKid wanted to have his hair cut. While I was on my way going home and he, on his way going for a hair saloon, we bumped into each other and he suggested me to help him out. Though I was not sure if it was a smart idea to have ME cut his hair, but it would be exciting and a new experience for me. And so he went to Tesco to buy a shaver and he came to my flat an hour later.

The feeling of being a temporary 1 hour barber with illegal license was.......MARVELLOUS. It was a little bit akward initially when I saw million strands of hair falling off the head. But eventually, through the half way, I started to happily shave the hair. In the process of cutting the hair, 2 scenes kept running through my mind. I was like a barber cutting the hair of

  1. A prisoner which has just been sent to my prison.
  2. A new police/army recruit has just joined a physical training camp.

Either way, I'm still the boss. Wanna mess up with me? I'll make sure you'll have the most 'unique' hair ever.

A brand new shaver performing a hard task.

Through the whole process, he was obediently sitting there patiently waiting for me to finish with his hair. Though, on and off, I was still hesitating of this whole thingy, yet, he was encouraging me by saying, "It's ok...go ahead.....take your time...."

I was more worried and nervous than he.

And so the outcome....

When it's done, I felt like....."Hey, not bad....." For a barber-virgin to have this output, it is highly acceptable.

Even though it doesn't look like a product from a professional hair dresser, at least it looks like those RM5 Indian barber cut you used to have. Right, guys??

I am sure I could come out with a more stylish outcome the next time I trim it. Anyone wanna try? FOC.

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