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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Surprise Party for Colombian

May 19th...a date where it has nothing special to me, but the birthday of Carlos-the-Colombian. Happy Birthday, dear Colombian, who is not reading this blog.

So, last night, Petra-the-PR brought the birthday guy to this restaurant where everyone was secretly waiting to celebrate his birthday eve.

I'm sure he was pretty surprise...and....disappointed?

Me:How did Petra deceit you to attend this party?
Carlos:She just called me today and asked if I'm free tonight. She said she would like to have dinner with me. Of course I said 'yes'. And I thought it will be a romantic candle light dinner.
Me:hmm...So you must be pretty disappointed when you see the whole bunch of familiar faces waiting for you in the restaurant
Carlos:A bit..but I'm also happy to see all of you.

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