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Monday, December 19, 2005

My friend's so-called "Boyfriend" (II)

I can't believe this. After posting My friend's so-called "Boyfriend" (I), Pik Kee asked me if I like that guy....SHIT !!!!

I'm sure I might have fallen in love before for some stupid BASTARD guy out there too...But 100% absolutely unquestionably NOT THIS ONE!!!! I would rather eat my pork chop rather than to be with some stupid PORK !!! If I love him, I would rather listen to Akon's Lonely everyday. !@^:)#@&%<$^`}*^ !!! Really making me wanna swear...damn damn damn....F*CK !!!

I really can't stand this. I had a chat with N on msn yesterday. She's fine and of course trying hard to get rid of this thing. But letting go takes time but she said she'll try. She knows she deserve a better guy and surely she'll be happy without him. Yes, she will. But still, she's unhappy, felt like being cheated. And the guy told her friend that he had a secret hiding from N. This makes N even more angry. What is the guy trying to prove, by telling N's close friend that he had a secret? Is he too smart, or what??

N is so curious and asked me to get some information from him. As I am the only one who could help her now, I agreed. We (the guy and I) had a second talk that night. I think I'm not a good spy. Cause I didn't sound nice from the beginning. Haha...guess I'm just an innocent honest gal....but still I tried

Some summary :

S: Have you settled the problem with N?
G: What's the problem ? (Damn it!)
S: Your girlfriend.
G: I've told you, SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND !!
S: But she treat you as her boyfriend.
G: What??We never really talk about this bf/gf things before !!
S: Maybe there's some misunderstanding between you two. Did you do anything on her?
G: I didn't do anything...I NEVER even touched her hand before.
S: But you are really really close with her...
G: Being close doesn't mean anything. We were just meeting quite often.Do you have bf?
S: No
G: Why not??? There are so many guys out there and you get close to them and go out everyday....WHY NOT ??(trying to get into my nerve now!!)
G: Oh, sorry, I thought you tried to. (You should be !!)
(the conversation continues..bla bla bla..and he was a bit emotional and said..)
G: Good night.
(I didn't respond...till one minute later...)
G: Why did you think I'm her bf?? (aha...he's still not giving up )
S: Cause she said you are.
G: No. She didn't. We are just friend. You misunderstood her.
S: Then, do you know she wanted you to be more than JUST friend?
G: No. If she want, she'll tell me. She's a big girl now. She should say what she wants.
S: And you have never thought of going more than that?
G: No. I will call her now.
S: Why do you want to call her?
G: I'll talk to her.
S: No, you'll hurt her
G: Why will I hurt her?
S: Cause she treat you as bf and you are now claiming that both of you are just FRIENDS !!..This hurts !!
G: Ok, I won't call her...
S: Anyway, this thing has past. But hope you guys can sort the misunderstanding.
G: There's no misunderstanding between us. Only you misunderstood her. You and her should solve the problem. NOT ME.(WAH!!!!.....Someone, please KILL ME !!!! )
S: Fine.
G: I'll call her now
S: Why do you want to call her? She might be sleeping now.
G: No, she's not.. ( ????? )
S: She know's you will be calling her?
G: Yes
S: Ok, bye...

Better end the conversation before i gets any nightmare later...

Mission failed....I didn't get to know the secret..not even moving into that point...but the whole thing really pissed me off...

Calling a girl at freaking 1am!!! And he said the girl knows he'll be, N is waiting for his call? And they are JUST FRIENDS ??!!!For the past 8 months, N has been treating him as bf. For EIGHT MONTHS!!! Can you count? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, EIGHT!! That's almost 240 days!!!

Honestly, I don't really care about the whole stories inside. I'm blogging it NOT because I am 'kepoh', but it's just because i think it's a great story that worth to be shared and open the eyes of all innocent gals out there. N, though heart-broken, she thinks the experience is funny too - She dated a CRAZY GUY with 2-sided face!

How interesting can this story be?? You tell me...

Moral of the story : If you are really thinking of getting serious with someone, MAKE SURE you make him/her admit your STATUS first !! If possible, sign a contract, and get a lawyer as a witness.

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