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Monday, September 18, 2006

Cure your Insomnia

Do you still remember when was the last time hearing a bedtime story?

If you would like to get one, there's a very nice bedtime story movie, Lady in the water, now showing in the cinema (I'm not sure if Malaysian cinemas are still showing this movie, because movies tend to come slower in Hungary). I'm bad in doing movie review nor summary. But if you are lazy to read the synopsis, the movie is all about a horror bedtime story which come to live. The movie was not at all bad....just....very bad.

At one point, I thought my previous eye operation has caused some side effects to my eye lid when I could feel it was becoming heavier and heavier during the show. Eventually, they switched off the screen and everything went black out., sorry, I think I dozed off without realizing it.

I'm glad that they have found another alternative for people suffering from insomnia. Sleeping pills is bad for health. Lady in the water is way much healthier.

At least I had a good sleep in the cinema. Thanks, Shyamalan!

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