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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Merdeka! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!

It's only my second time not celebrating this day in Malaysia, but it seems like I have almost forgotten how this day is celebrated each year.

For non-Malaysian, 31st August, which we named as Merdeka Day (Independence Day) is the National Day of Malaysia. It has been 49 years since Malaysia gained its independence in 1957 with all multi-races people living together within the same boundary.

Now that I am writing this post in the office, I actually felt slight regret and guilty for not able to celebrate this day. I know even if I am in Malaysia, I might be just staying at home to avoid the crowd and keep my patriotic spirit within myself. But here in Hungary, I think I should be loving my country more. By means of love, I should be getting off today. I have my right to have one day holiday and I need to fight for this. I will go to my manager's room, shout "It's MERDEKA!", slam the door and walk out of the office.

*slap slap*. Stop dreaming and better get back to my work.

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