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Monday, September 11, 2006

Taking leave from IT

It's not easy...Seriously, it's not easy to actually get myself out of the IT world for 4 days. Since I am in Hungary, never in my life have actually live ONE day without any internet connection. BUT, I did it. I know that I can actually live without it now. *proud*

This is the story, I went for my operation on Thursday, and stayed at my bro's place (which has no internet connection) for the next consecutive nights. My eye was swollen, so I didn't want to leave the flat to frighten anyone on the street with heart attact.Till yesterday, I went home for the first time to get back to my IT world flat.

hmm..Was not really glad to be at home. Ain't feeling sad nor dislike being home, cause I have great housemates too. Just the feeling of being taken care is not found at home. It's always different staying with family and friends, isn't it? After such a long time not being taken care, it's so great when you suddenly have your family members beside you, right? And I am also not refering to BF-GF kind of relationship. Guess I found the small little girl inside me which got fed up being tough and independent for just one year ( ah..such a loser I am).

Anyway, my eye is pretty much better now. Just some light red marks around the eye which is not so visible and no one will be able to notice them if they don't focus their attention on them.

Am working now but starting to feel tired on my eyes. Not sure if it is my psychological problem or my eye is really drying up. Either way, it's a good excuse for my boss...Ciao!

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