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Friday, September 01, 2006

I blew up my hair

Never trust Hungarian hair dresser.

Ok, that statement sounds a bit discriminating, I admit, but honestly, the techonology for the hair used here is way too far behind compared to other places. There are just too many lackings in getting what I want for my hair.

No straightening is fine. It's not popular among Europeans, u say? Hell NO. So many of my European friends around envy my hair for being straightened because they wanted to, but can't find it anywhere. I heard they have it in Italy and France. Certainly not Hungary.

Why am I whining? You bet! I went for a perm to curl my hair and the outcome is just so.....disappointing.

See, in Malaysia, we have something call, T.R.E.A.T.M.E.N.T to apply after each critical modification of your hair (eg: perming, dyeing or straightening) to restore the damaged hair. But here, after the perm, nothing is done. Hair or grass, you might not be able to differentiate it anymore.

I wonder if the Europeans' hair is too good or we Asians are just putting too much efforts on this. And yet, I don't find a lot of bad hair around the Hungarians. Why why why?? Has it got to do with the food they eat or the air they breathe?

Leave me alone. I gotta hide myself till I have found a solution for my hair.


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