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Saturday, September 30, 2006


In Asia, fair skin is said to be precious. For Europeans, fair skin is as bad as pale. Tall, DARK and handsome, no longer sounds right, at least for us Asians.

Generally, it's a compliment when people commented your skin as fair in Asia. But if it happens to a European, she'll jump into the solarium and expose to the solar UV from the artificial sun for 3 days 3 nights, because it's more like an insult to be fair.

The other day, I went to Medicover for body check up. My body is fine, but I just thought of doing such kind of annual thingy what other people did every year, to join the crowd. It was my first time though. There, I met this lady doctor inspecting my physical body. She pulled up the leg of my pants a little and saw the hidden skin of my leg, and she goes, "Your skin is very white".

I was stunned. Though I was standing on the land of Europe, with the yellow skin Asian mentality I was having, "Your skin is very white" sounds like a praise to me. Plus, a WHITE saying I am WHITE! How cool? If only I am in Malaysia now, I would have jumped up the sky happily and yell Thank you. But no, this European doc might think that I'm crazy. So, I just smiled and said nothing. Can't be too expressive, can I?

I ain't a "Guai Mui", but I am WHITE.

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