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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nothing to do

The clock strucks 6pm. Almost everyone in the office has left their 6x8 cubicle for home, preparing for the weekend to come. Some of them are preparing for tomorrow's picnic organized by the company, some are on the way back to their hometown, some have got nothing to do, but simply leave the office earlier because it's Friday.

What the hell am I here, pretending to be hardworking when my boss is also not anywhere in sight???

I do have plenty of work, which I am planning to start it on the brand new day, which is Monday. So, I have put a pause to my work and get some entertainment for myself while waiting for someone.

I tried to chat with everyone in my area (only those I click well, of course) but one by one has left. I tried to call up my brother but he seems to be unreachable and he's not at his office.

The only thing I can do now, is to wait. I am waiting for someone to finish his task, so that we can plan for something at this Friday night.

Mich-the-Belle taught me how to count my fingers when I'm bored. I did. My toes too. But time seems to crawl too slow, or I am having too little fingers and toes.

While waiting and counting, here are my random thoughts...

  • I have booked another appointment with my Ophthalmologist because the nodule on my eye seems to have shrinked after the operation and not totally disappeared.
  • I wonder what will happen in the picnic tomorrow. I had great fun last year with the gang I had, but half of them have left. Tomorrow will be a brand new gang.
  • My flight to home will be on 28th Oct, reaching on 29th. Will I be able to adapt back the life and culture there? Will the oven weather be too hot for me? Will my future working hours be as flexible as what I am having now?
  • Autumn is coming. Weather is so nice. I love it very much.
  • I am starting to hate Internet. It has everything I want with unlimited space. Yet, I can't find anything which attracts me at this very moment, other than mumbling all my thoughts here in the blog S..L..O..W..L..Y...

Someone said it only takes 10 minutes, and it's already 6:40 pm now. I seriously have to redefine the duration of each minutes, cause someone who has been brought up in the other part of the world seems to learn the time in a different way. I never know 10 minutes is equivalent to 40, or more, cause the clock is still ticking.

Hey, you S.C.U.M!!! You know how suffering it is to wait here without doing anything, just because of you!!???

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