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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Budapest Parade 2006

Summer time in Budapest is the best.

Despite that horrifying disaster during the National Day's firework, everything is awesome.

Next up....Budapest Parade - an annual thingy in Budapest with different trucks being paraded with techno music and sexy ladies dancing with it. This year we had it on the previous Saturday, Aug 26.

Budapest Parade, basically is meant for all the crazy party animal out there to dance the whole afternoon in several different trucks in front of all the pedestrians. If they are brave enough, they can even get naked, with something called 'artistic paintings' on the body, so that the private parts will not be so obvious. Perverts are everywhere on the streets too, but no one give a sh*t, cause everyone is sharing the same objective, to see naked girls on the truck shaking their butt.

Compared to last year, there were more innocent girls on the truck this year. hmm..kind of a little boring. No, I ain't pervert, but probably it was my second time enjoying this fest, which usually will never be as good as the first time.

The amusement of the whole parade was not only ON the truck, but also OFF the truck. People who are suppose to come and enjoy the parade will also dress like a maniac attracting all the attention from other people. They can be so fancy that it appeared as if they were part of the performers which fell down from the truck and start walking like anyone of us.

And this marks the end of the Summer 2006 in Hungary.

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