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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get your heart racing

You know what's hot these days? It is the weather...A1 Grand Prix (A1GP) Malaysia !!!!

What's that? Hey, are you living out of the society?

I've been hearing this A1GP the whole day & night, even when I was dreaming. Why? Guess I can't run away from it when I am actually WORKING with it. *gosh*

Anyone wanna get the A1GP ticket from me?

Lots of people had mistakenly thought the A1 as the F1. These 2 races are absolutely different from each other. One is A and one is F. If you are still asking what's the different? A more obvious way to distinguish both of them is the PRICE. One with TWO figures and the other must have AT LEAST THREE cause F1 is meant for people who is overloaded with money.

If you want to experience watching a race in the Sepang track and yet you can't afford to purchase a F1 ticket, A1 is the cheapest solution to achieve this dream.

You can even get it free by participating the games in the roadshow.

Some supposedly famous artists were invited to help out in the A1GP promotion...

R***sh (Sorry, that's not a foul word, but I don't know how to spell their name)
Mr. & Ms. MC
Nikki from Malaysian Idol.Dunno-what-name-artist from Akademi Fantasia.

All these performances are just secondary. Not until you saw DJ Survon...

My pretentious DJ mixing pose not bad, huh? I actually stole this idea from Sabrina-the-Blended. I saw she had one picture with the sound mixer, I also kiasu and got one myself.

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