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Friday, October 13, 2006

Getcha ass ready

I've physically lost a brother and sister-in-law today.

I've just sent them off to the airport this morning and I don't know when will be the next meeting up. Though it was supposed to be an emotional atmosphere, we, the people who came to send them off, gone hysterical just after they got into the passport controller. No, we were not jumping for joy because of their departure.

We were only laughing over ONE single signboard.

While each of us was taking turn to modeling take a picture with the signboard, many passers by were trying to figure out what 3 of us were up to, laughing like monkeys and taking pictures with a simple-printed-non-attractive-words-kind-of-board.

Can't see clearly? Here's the close up.

"Sir, you'd prefer to have it fair or tanned?"

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