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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Undepartable Hungary


It's sooooooooo f*cking hard to leave Hungary. I don't know why.

Thanks to the carelessness or stupidity (or whatever you call it) of a snobbish person in the company, I went to the airport but I was not allowed to check in, because I did not have a valid ticket.

I could never imagine such mistake could happen in such company. That was a total failure.

After 10 hours of hassle, I've finally got another ticket for tomorrow. And so, i'll be reaching Malaysia one day later than the initial plan.

I wonder if I should be glad for being able to inhale an extra day of fresh air in Hungary before entering the hazy Malaysia.

This ONE simple mistake has led to inconvenience to many people (me and my friends who sent me off and also all the managers who have been working out to find the best solution), and because of the stupid mistake from ONE person, the company has to pay extra 100K HUF for the exact same ticket. Despite any reason given, how can I forgive such person? Yet, this snobbish lady is still unreachable.

I don't doubt how nice and beautiful Hungary is. I love it. But Hungary dear, can you release me for a while and let me reunite with my friends and family back home?

This is not the first time I was supposed to leave and I couldn't. My boarding a$s is certainly ready to board on the plane. I've thrown 3 farewell parties for the past 3 months. Tell me, how many farewell(s) should I have in order to get my a$s back? Any quota?

Seriously, I hope there won't be anymore surprises coming up till I reach Malaysia safely on Monday. Though my objective to Hungary is to gain experience, but i suppose for the past 3 months i've gained more than enough. No more such mishaps....God forbid, PUHLEASEEEEEEEEEE!

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