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Friday, October 06, 2006

A thief in my company (Part II)

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I have no intention at all to create the ending of this story. I was not aware that my action could cause a big fuss to somebody. Though everyone else was happy with the result, it was totally happened with no plan.

I only forwarded that pps to Pras-the-Scum to share my uninvited informations. And eventually, his itchy fingers ran over the keyboard, and forwarded that to one of the Photo Competition Committee members too.

Well, what do you expect next?? The committee call up a meeting with all members (Mr. L-the-Thief is also part of the committee) and announced the evidence. Too bad I miss that part. I wonder what was his face expression at that moment when he saw that pps.

Anyways, I heard, during the meeting, he admitted on the spot that the picture was taken from the internet. Sound honest, huh? Hell NO. He put the blame on his WIFE ler! How evil!?

Today, another news said they have informed the branch manager about the case too. Haha...a reputation of such manager will drop drastically!

Mr. L, still call yourself a Manager?

Please note that I have nothing against this Mr. L, and he is no way related to me in the office (Thank God). We are from different department, and I hardly communicate with him. Only quite often I heard people talking how hateful is he. Oh, poor guy.

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