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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Capital of Scandinavia

I'm in the office, hardly working, with my mind filled with holiday mood.

I just came back from the Capital of Scandinavia (aka Stockholm) yesterday. Though the city was not as interesting as I thought, but the Swedes are sure within AA grade. Despite almost everyone could speak perfect English, their face features are just so attractive that you'll always have a second look on them.

Seriously, if only a Swedish guy show up and propose me, I would say 'YES' even if he's dumb. The gals are even more appealing. I don't mind sacrificing all other normal-looking non-Scandinavian guys out there for the sake of the Swedish girls too. If the Swedish gals try to tackle me, I'll convert myself into lesbian without second thought.

Mind you, that's not the sound of desperate, that's a voice from a perfectionist...physically, that is.

Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by the sea water. Probably that's the secret to their beauty and charm?

Stockholm is not considered as a hectic city. Everything seems to move slowly and people are also lesser on the street. I wonder if everyone drives or they would rather stay at home not to come out during this cold. But where goes all the tourists?

Apart from that, fast food is certainly not trendy here.

Slow food is all out to grab the moderate pace of the *adorable* Swedes.

In order not to prompt stiffer competition among non-Scandinavians, I have decided NOT to post any Swedes picture here. Sorry for that, but, they are mine.

Instinct tells me that I'm gonna marry a Swedes. I think so too.

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