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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tyre break

My tyre....punctured, for the first time. grrr...

I forgot to take picture when it was punctured. But this was the picture of the temporary tyre installed...

Smaller and cuter...Kawaii neh??!!

While dumping my baby to the tyre workshop for repair, I went to my second home.

S.T.A.R.B.U.C.K.S !!!

For the past consecutive 5 days, I have been hanging out at this same Starbucks for tea break. I'm not sure if i'll go for the 6th time this week cause it's only noon and it's too early to decide now. Anyone wanna join me today?

What to do when you are in Starbucks? Enjoying wi-fi?

or...enjoying different kind of drinks?

or...pick up the uno stacko next to you and start irritating other customers around with the destruction sound of the uno tower. *nyek nyek nyek*

Now my baby looks perfect!

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