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Friday, December 15, 2006

Resourse to gain weight - FOOD

X'mas is around the corner...

This is not the christmas tree in any ordinary shopping mall you've seen. It's inside Malaysia's newest operating shopping heaven, Queensbay Mall in Penang. But, shopping is certainly not a reason for us to drive to Penang all the way from Ipoh. Food, sounds more like it.

The first stop, would be having seafood next to the sea...

Got the feel?

What did we have??

Whose hungry hand is that?

Penang is not only famous for seafood, but also hawker stalls...

Finding an empty table.

Food again...

First to come is Rojak...

Look at the sauce...yummy

How can you miss Penang Assam Laksa when you are in Penang?

Shaved Ice Mix or
Air Batu Campur (aka ABC)

The day is getting dark...We have been to shopping, had plenty of food, what else was missing? The TEMPLE!!! *nyek nyek nyek*

The religious time has arrived. As popular Kek Lok Si Temple (Trans: "Temple of Supreme Bliss") is too far away, we dropped by at another temple. People say, the older the temple, the greater is its sanctity and reverence.

I don't really know exactly how old is the temple, but it surely look old enough for me.

I made some wishes..but I don't think it'll ever be realized. I hope the local gods do not speak only Hokkien, but at least understand my Cantonese.

Then it was time to leave the island. We went with bridge and came back with a ferry...

On the way back to Ipoh, we dropped by at another seafood town for dinner at Bukit Tambun...

It's all-food-day!!

Giant fish??!
So many fishes, which one to put into your stomach?
Just let our 'Big Sister' pick and point

Let's eat...

Everyone's full?

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