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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Don't talk to me

In a way, I can be talkative and noisy being around with people. Only for the past few days, people around me could gain some peaceful environment cause you can hardly hear my voice.

NO, I didn't lost my voice because of karaoke, mind you!

Have been coughing for more than a week, and after having tomyam steamboat on Wednesday, I've totally lost my voice. Everything got worsen after the temptation of the home-made Chocolate Moist Cake brought by one of my colleagues on Thursday. Darn!

I went for doctor consultation and paid for Rm70 for 7 types of pills and a bottle of syrup. Gosh, that's the most expensive fees I've ever paid and the most number of medicine I ever had.

I suppose my voice is recovering, but I still couldn't really voice out anything. After not speaking for the past 3 days, I almost forgot how to speak now.

Please do not try to call me now as I don't think I can answer your phone. Maybe you can try VIDEO call, I've tried to learn some sign language in these 3 days, hope it helped.

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