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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How to make Hot Wine

F:Dear...very cold ar...
M:Cold ar??Come come...Share my body heat...*hug hug*
F:Cannot not warm enough
M:What? All these years I've been working hard to gather all my fat in my body just to give you warmth and now you say it's not warm enough? What do you want, honey? I'll do anything for you, as long as you don't ask me to leave you
M:Of course. Just shoot.
F:Ok....I want Hot wine, dear.
M:erm...maybe it's better if you ask me to leave you.

Having trouble warming your loved ones? Let Dr. Survon help you.

See, preparing how wine is as easy as ABC. It's just like cooking maggie mee. You can also get the instant ingredient powder in packet.

Cool yeah?

But of course, that isn't a good original hot wine. To prepare a genuine hot wine, first, let's prepare the ingredients.

  1. Wine

  2. Cinnamon

  3. Lemon

  4. Clove

  5. Crystal-clear Water
  6. Sugar
  7. Pepper

Depending on what kind of wine you like, either white or red is fine. Select at your preference. Since hot wine will be sweeter when it's done, it's advisable to get dry or semi-dry wine. Unless if you like to drink very sweet drinks, then, you can choose the others. But this way, you are getting nearer to diabetes as well. My blog is hundred percent a healthy site. So, I strongly advise you to get only dry or semi-dry.

First, boil the wine in a pot. Add water which will be half the amount of the wine. Which means, if you put 1 liter of wine, then add another .5 liter of water.

The concept of hot wine is just like "One wok cooked". Just dump all the other ingredients, which are sugar, cinnamon, lemon, pepper, and clove, into the mixture. If you want, you can also add in the instant hot wine powder into it too. Wait till it's boiled and you can start enjoying your home-made hot wine.

There goes you hot wine~~~

Serve hot.

As simple as that....ok, now it's time to pay some course fees...thank you..

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