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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sliding on the snow ~~

The view was so...*wow*..(No words could explain my feeling)...

Finally, I could realize my long term dream, to experience the feeling of standing on ski boards, holding the ski poles, dressing in ski attires, straining all my muscles, blown away by strong wind, cold to death.

Skiing might be a common sports for you, but it was certainly my first thrilling experience. I'm still excited with the whole experience now (despite the muscle pain all over my body and my all four aching limbs).

I had to learn from the advanced skier.

Although the temperature was below -10°C, I was sweating like summer time. This sports could really exercise each and every muscle cells you have in your body down to your toes. I could feel my fat burning (though I can't really find any fat in my body) vigorously.

As a total beginner I am, I can't really express how enjoying I was during skiing, as I didn't really feel the sense of skiing. I spent 5 hours in the park, 4.9 hours walking and 0.1 hours skiing. Probably this is the common first lesson of skiing, to start learning how to walk PROPERLY with the ski boards.

First, I had to walk for more than 0.6 km to the beginner's track. If you have ever watch those military training or those serious sports training where they put some weight on the legs while running around the field, you can imagine how i felt. I believe those ski boots were made from weight lifting plate with the locking function so that you couldn't really bent your legs, slowing my walking pace and I had to consume 2.5 times more energy than the usual people by JUST walking.

Till now, my legs are still soring as a consequence of wearing those boots. Skiing shouldn't be that hard, it must be the boots I was wearing makes me so uncomfortable. I can't complain, the boots were not mine, rented.

Trust me, skiing is extremely an easy sports as long as you could fulfill the following criterias:

  1. Learn to walk like a crab with both your feet at parallel all the time
  2. To have a bouncy ass so that each time you fell down, your ass will automatically bounce your body up to be in standing position again
  3. To have the strongest ever legs, so that you could lift the weight lifting plates ski boots.

As for me, stop asking how I enjoyed the game, I have to confess, I won't ever try this sports again. Not in the near future. Not with a GOOD boots. Not until I built the strongest stamina which will take up to 365 days to develop.

If I ever go to such place again, I'll only stick my ass onto this thing.
It's much more comfortable.

Call me kiasu or something, I am glad that I tried the sports not because of the 0.1 hours of skiiing itself, but to have such picture of me.

It's so COOL !

At least it paid off my muscle pain.

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