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Friday, January 13, 2006

Miss Cow One

Someone's birthday today.

Edit-the-Singer !!!

To celebrate her birthday, we had a few serious discussions for the whole birthday party surprise the last few days, electronically. Emails have been flying in and out as all of us are in different department, at different area. Everything was planned well and the surprises were carried out today.

  • Surprise 1

    Everyone works as usual and went for lunch like normal days. Four of us went to the restaurant together, like always. The first bunch of people were suppose to reach that restaurant ahead of us.

    While she thought that there were only four of us would be having lunch with her on her BIRTHDAY, she will see all the others sitting there, when we reach the restaurant, waiting to celebrate her birthday.

    She was surprised.


  • Surprise 2

    After the lunch, we will present her the birthday cake. Yes, birthday 'party' must have birthday cake, and it was supposed to be AFTER our meal, but we waited, waited, and waited. The clock was ticking and yet the cake hasn't arrived. 15 minutes past, but no, the cake didn't arrive, but some other silly things arrived - the dessert's plates and forks.

    OMG! How stupid can the waiter be?

    I wonder if they know what a surprise cake is? When we talk about surprise cake, it should be someone, pushing the cake to the Birthday girl/boy while singing Happy Birthday song and that Birthday girl/boy will be amazed and say something like, "Oh, it's for me??? It's really for me?? That's so sweet..Thank you".

    But, hell no. That brilliant waiter was trying HARD to arouse her suspicious before the cake arrived by presenting those dessert's plates and forks when everyone has already FINISH their desserts! Thank you for your efficiency, guys.


  • Surprise 3

    There will be another birthday present for her. But it can only be presented to her tomorrow.


The cake bought was not any ordinary cake.

It's a DYNAMITE cake

This whole birthday lunch took about 2 hours. Erm...well, since it's someone's birthday, I'm sure my boss won't mind all his staff being late to work.

Yes, boss???

By the way, I told her that Birthday in Chinese can also be called Cow One.

Edit:Why is it called Cow One?
Me:Well, that's because of some chinese legend.
Edit:And what's the legend?
Me:Well..hmm..the legend was about the chinese people...err..they had a cow...and erm...ok...then...huh....because...I don't know....

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