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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Magnificent "Harry Porter" Classical Concert

I was in the Classical Concert on Saturday performed by two German musicians (a Harpsichord and a Cello).

This is the view from my seat.

Am I participating in the performance on the stage, you asked. Yes and no. I was on the stage, yes. But I had nothing to do with the performance, rather a mere audience. Literally, I'm not in the middle stage but I was sitting at the back of the stage.

Wow...awesome....facing the audience makes me feel like being part of the performer. Maybe I can start dancing ballet in between the musicians??

My seat was not an ideal position though.

Part of my view was blocked by the pillar,
and the Cello player was hiding behind it.

I could only listen to the musics facing the back of the Harpsichord player at the first session of the concert. I couldn't even see the back of the Cello player. Pathetic!

Luckily I could change my seat to a better position at the second session of the concert.

Now I get to see a clearer back of both players.

I didn't really enjoy the first part of the concert as the music was quite modern with all those ugly chords piercing my eardrum. *ouch*. But the second part was great and each time when I hear the Harpsichord solo, I felt so 'Harry Porter'...."Avada Kedavra"....*ting*

The shoes were so shiny that I could almost see the reflection of myself.

If you've been to such kind of concert, you will realize that there's no microphone attached to the musicians. The harmony of the musical instruments will just be transmited all over the hall through the air. The hall was absolutely sensitive to each and every sounds you made that you are NOT allowed to talk to anyone or make any single sound during the whole performance unless you want to contribute some background sound to the wonderful harmony, in which no one will know how to appreciate that, trust me.

What if you really need to cough or sneeze? Don't worry, you can try to hold it till there is a few seconds of break in each pieces (where the musicians have to flip the page of the score). When you detected the break, hurry sneeze/cough as loud as you can till you are satisfied, but remember, it only lasts for a few seconds before the musicians continue playing the piece. Even if you couldn't detect the break, there will be tones of people doing the same thing and by then, you should realize the time (for you to sneeze/cough) has arrived. There is nothing to be shy of as there are countless of people doing the same thing.

TV has commercial break, concert has sneezing/coughing break???

When things are free, we can't complain much, can we?

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