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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why Cow One is Cow One?

After telling Edit-the-Singer about the Cow One thingy, and being thrown with questions about the origin of the words, I can't stop thinking about the mystery of it.

The whole night and day, I was still wondering what might be the cause for people naming the Birthday as Cow One.

Curiosity killed the cat.

My curiosity rose by 120% and I swore to myself, I will not sleep tonight if I couldn't find the answer.

I saved myself. I found the answer, luckily.

Literally, Cow One is only used in Cantonese and there are actually 2 versions of the origin:

  1. The Birthday girl/guy stands a dominant position of the day.

    Hence, they are called Cow One which symbolize the strength of the cow and the position number one.

  2. The word Cow One <牛一> is actually derived from the work Born <η”Ÿ>, by detaching the base of the word.


    All the articles I found did not explain why it is detached, but from my point of view, I suppose it signifies the process of disparting the baby from the mom's womb. Sounds logic? Yes. Thank you.

I am not really sure about the accuracy of the answers I have found, but at least I get to sleep tight tonight.

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