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Thursday, January 19, 2006

I am a Vietnamese????

I was having my lunch at Chinese restaurant today. Though I'm a chinese, I don't really fancy the Chinese food here. The taste is just terrible compared to what I had in Malaysia. But once in a while, I can't run away tasting some Chinese food around in order not to forget I am a Chinese.

Most of the time, I had to use mainly body language to order my food in some other restaurants around. Having able to speak Chinese make me feel like home-sweet-home when I go for these Chinese restaurant. Today, I was using my low-level Malaysian Mandarin to communicate with them, which luckily they could comprehend my request. *phew*

But the first reply I got from them was, "oh, I thought you are Vietnamese".


Excuse me, but which part of me look like a Vietnamese?

I'm not being racist here, but Vietnamese?? Me???

Maybe I should consider the reasons behind being thought as a Vietnamese. According to my roughly-self-estimated statistics, among the 'yellow skin' people, there should be 50% Vietnamese, 40% Chinese, and 10% others occupying little spaces in this Hungary land.

Why are there so many Vietnamese around?
Because Hungary was once a Communist country and they have some diplomatic relationship between both countries....(well, don't ask me about the History, I'm just the dummy.)....and so, a lot of Vietnamese came to Hungary for their studies and later they just decided to stay.

Why are there so many Chinese?
Simply because 'Chinese are everywhere' kind of ideology.

Being mistakenly reckoned as a Vietnamese by a Chinese is not a big deal. But I hope this confusion is due to me, not being seen like a Chinese (at least not China Chinese), and not because I DO really look like a Vietnamese.

No, I don't think I look like a Vietnamese.

Do I?

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