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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Back in Action

After 1 hour 25 minutes of flight, I'm finally back stepping on Hungarian land, covered with thick snow.

I'm extremely exhausted now, after hopping from cities to cities for the previous 7 days, from Rome, Pisa, Venice, Milan and Berlin. The trip was so exciting, being able to experience the opportunity of running for few kilometres with your giant backpack, missing train, being one night homeless...How interesting can this trip be?

Nevertheless, it was a great trip but I can't write more as I'm too tired now. I'm back to the office after arriving here for 2 hours and I need to get back to work.

I received a good news. My mobile phone was fixed by Peter-the-Engineer. I thought he was only intending to carry out a post mortem on my Phoney, but he revived him. Gosh, he's a God...He's my Phoney's saviour and from now on, I shall rename him, Peter-the-PhoneSaviour. All hail the Saviour!


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