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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Hungarian NBA

While everyone was busy getting their Red Packets, I was working hard...

Can you spot me ???

What do you mean you can't spot me??

Are you blind or what??? Can't you see??? I'm JUST there............BEHIND the camera!!

I'm not trying to find any excuses for not being in FRONT of the camera.

Considering my size...

And considering one of our opponents...

They call themselves 'The Boyz and The WiTCSes'.
I'd call them 'The Kami and The Kaze'

I bet you know what I was thinking.

My chinese skill was once again being challenged.

Anyone can read this? (Click on the picture to see clearer) I can't even tell whether it's Chinese or Japanese.

I wonder it's my Chinese level is in such unacceptable level, or these Hungarians simply scribble a symbol and claim it's Chinese/Japanese and conned other Hungarians making me being the victim.

PLEASE.....tell me if you know what's written there...

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