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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The World Fanciest McDonald's

Say Goodbye to our dear Kengo-the-Jap.

On his last few nights in Budapest, he invited us (Chris-the-German and I) for a dinner in a Turkish restaurant. And later brought us to McDonald's for a drink.

McDonald's for a drink? Doesn't make sense, right? Considering it was his final days and he has been promoting this particular branch of McDonald's from the first day I met him, we decided to give a shot as both of us have never been there.

The restaurant is situated in Nyugati, by the Nyugati Train Station. It was built based on the style of early 20th century Budapest.

The interior, I would say, a combination of classy restaurant and fast food restaurant, yet maintaining the McDonald's feel.

Here are some pictures I took...

Well, ok, I know the quality of the picture sucks. I tried to search in the internet and found some better pictures for the restaurant...

Pic stolen from here
Pic stolen from here

I didn't manage to try the food here, as we came straight after our dinner. For such environment, maybe chicken burger will taste like dragon meat burger. Plan to come to Budapest? Remember to drop by this McDonald's.

Bon voyage, Kengo!

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