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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dear B3113

Dear Michelle-the-Belle,

Eh...Yesterday was your birthday, I didn't forget. I put my wishes in my MSN nick, but I didn't realize you were not online the whole day yesterday. So, you couldn't read my nick and I forgot to sms you to wish you. I'm such a bad girl.

To remember and wish someone's birthday can signify how important that someone is to you. 24th January 1982 was the day, Michelle-the-Belle was born. Yesterday was 24th January 2006, and you are now officially 24 years old. How exciting can you be at the age of T.W.E.N.T.Y-F.O.U.R years old? Year by year, we are getting more and more matured...and soon you'll reach 30 by just a blink of eye.

When you glance back, you've already gone through 24 years of being a living species in this earth pursuing your studies, realizing your dreams, doing stupid things with your friends, wandering around counting fingers wasting your 24 years of your valuable life, setting all the life goals which never meant to be achieved, trying hard to get rid of me by sending me off to Hungary (hey, you succeeded!).

Now, after 24 years of living, you are stepping the 25th year of your life, almost concluding your first quarter of the century. By this time, you should realize that birthday is all about numbers, how many years you've gone through, how many presents you received, how many people remember your birthday, how OLD are you. Please do not get disturbed by those numbers too much. Numbers are just Mathematics, where 25 will be rounded to 30.


Mich, I just want to let you know, you are still sweet and adorable as always. Yes, trust me, you are still CUTE (I mean ugly but adorable). Still the same old young Michelle I knew.

Do enjoy your final year of the first quarter of YOUR century. And of course,

Boldog 'belated' Sz├╝linapot !!!!

= Survon =

You know I'm just kidding.

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