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Friday, March 24, 2006

Vienna-Paris-Budapest with Family

What will be your reaction when you know you will be meeting up with your close family members after NOT meeting for almost EIGHT months?

The answer is....somewhat 'PRESSURE'.

This might not be the correct attitude, but that was what I felt. Not that I don't like their accompaniment, but it was the responsibilities and tasks that I had to pick up, really burdened me.

I'm not talking about going back to Malaysia to meet up with old friends and family (This way, I bet it'll be more enjoyable and relaxing). It's a whole different story when they are coming over to visit you and you have to take care of every single things done here. So many complicated things to consider. Places to go, expenses, accomodation, food, name it.

While I was patiently enduring the tourist guide duty, everything was vanished out of a sudden and I'm back to my normal working life again. Only till this point that I felt the hollowness in the disappearance of family members around which I hardly felt for the past 8 months.

Homesick? I doubt it. For the first few months I was in Hungary, I kickoff my day by reading Malaysian online newspapers every single day and I knew every little things happened in Malaysia. Now? I could not even slot some time for that. Probably I'm getting more hardworking as I start to work when I sits in front of my computer. No time wasted, best employee of the company...that's ME!

I don't miss Malaysia. But I miss my friends, my family, and......Red Box (but I heard Neway is better now).

As they were just having 9 days in Europe, I could only bring them to 3 cities, Vienna, Paris and (of course) Budapest.


This was the first time I felt that it was really worthwhile to pay for a hotel. We fully utilized the beds we paid for and watching the TV that has only one single English CNN channel. We followed almost the whole scene of the death of the former Yugoslavia President, Milosevic. See, I can even spell his name correctly without having second thought (I used to fail my History for not able to remember the names). God knows how frequent CNN repeats their news each day.

Vienna was boring? Not really. I would rather say, the weather really sucks. This was my second time visiting Vienna and both the visits were freaking cold (and windy). Luckily I've gained 6kg since I was here, else, I would have been blown away by the strong cold wind that could actually gets into your bone.


It consumes thrice your energy to walk in such cold and windy weather. Which means, we could only make short tour each day to the attractions and rush home to avoid the cold and rest. Everything has to be fast, especially when you are admiring the nice classical architecture.

Sch├Ânbrunner Schlossstra├če

In usual condition, when you are adoring, you'll whoop like : WAHHHHHHHHHH........ In Vienna, the last thing you could do would be : WAH! (and then leave the place as soon as possible so that you could go home earlier) One more 'H' at the back, you'll be congealed into ice stone.

Vienna is well-known as a City of Music. It's a city where Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Bruckner, Haydn and Mahler died here. Creative people could come out something like this...

Opera Toilet with Music

Your business will be 120% smoother, no matter it's big or small, number One or number Two. (It's not free, of course)

Suffering from constipation? No worries, Opera Toilet with Music would cure you!


Paris, compared to Vienna, is much more crowded and most people are more aggressive (by their gesture). The place is nice but it won't be a good place for relaxing cause people walk faster and the environment is more tensed. 6pm MRT would be like 6pm LRT in KLCC. You'll either be sandwiched or you will never be able to hop-in.

French seems to be healthier. Why? Because they like to climb stairs. In most of the Metro stations, you could hardly find an escalator that comfortably lift you to the next floor. Not to mention the elevators, I wonder how the disabled manage to get there.

Compared to Vienna, food was more expensive here but the souvenirs were much cheaper. As I have a tight budget, sorry, no souvenirs for you.

Notre Dame
Moulin Rouge

Weather....not bad. At least it was not as windy as in Vienna.

Tried out their frog legs which was quite similar with our Chinese 'tin gai'. The only different was the frogs used for French cuisine were drunk because they were cooked with wine.

Eiffel Tower
Venus in Milo

Paris is another City of Arts, and it is where Mona Lisa's painting is stored. Couldn't take a picture of her though, cause she was too popular and no one was allowed to snap a picture of her. Tried illegally, but failed. I spotted another quite interesting painting...

I don't know what's the real name of the painting, but I would name it as 'The gathering of naked GAYssss'


I don't have to worry too much here. It's already my second home and I'm quite familiar with the place.

Brought them to have Goulash Soup and Palacsinta (Hungarian pancakes). It seems like Hungarian food fit their taste more. And the best thing was, my mom gets to cook for me.'s cooking. Have been missing that for the past 8 months. *yummy*

By Monday, my job as a tourist guide was terminated. It would be a marvellous trip if the weather was much better. Though calendar-wise, it should be Spring, but Spring refuse to come and Winter dominated Europe for a longer time. During this season, scenery is kind of spoilt. No snow, but all the trees are bald. Else, Europe will look much more beautiful.

Let's not forget to thank JiunnLoong-the-Doctor for helping me out during my Paris trip. He wrote me a nice essay for the attractions to visit in Paris and gave me a lot of information about Paris. Thank you for the last minute help too, as I lost the essay and my hotel information in Vienna, before getting to Paris. Luckily SMS is an international thingy. ARIGATO GOZAIMASU! Ok, I owe you one BIG kiss....*MUAXXXXX*

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