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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Resting period

Yesterday, I had to wake up at freaking 4 in the morning to catch the earliest 6am train with my family to send them to Vienna to board on MAS airplane.

We reached Vienna's Westbahnhof at 0920 and I took them to Landstrasse with U-bahn, showed them the way to take S-Bahn to the airport (because I didn't have enough time to send them to there personally) and I rushed back to Westbahnhof to catch my 10am train back to Budapest.

All-in-all, I rode 6 hours train a day for not even 1 hour stay in Vienna. Despite sending off my family, what I gained was four extra stamps in my passport. Gosh, that's one whole page of passport wasted.

The whole day, I only had bread for breakfast (in the train), bread for lunch (in the train) and nothing for dinner. By dinner time, I did not even have the energy to fill something into my stomach and I just dropped dead on my bed till this morning.

Holidays are always exhausting. I need more days to rest.

Companies should implement something called 'Post-Holidays leave' in the future.

By the way, I heard Veriza-the-FeedMosquito broke her backbone while participating her company's activity. I think it was ice skating. Ice skating can really be very dangerous nowadays. Her mom has no idea about this accident yet, and she is not planning to inform her too. Please help her to keep this secret away from her family. Hope she'll recover as soon as possible and 20th was her birthday. So, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Veriza!

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