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Friday, March 10, 2006

She's getting MARRIED!

Recent years, there were too many surprises from her. I shall now call her M.

M used to look quite tough when we were still schooling. Not that tomboy kind of tomboy but, you know, the tough girl.

To describe in an easier way, she's just not those sweet little cute girl that every guy will rush in and try to grab her. I'm not saying she's not attractive. I'm just trying to give the impression of her not being too popular. It's like if we want to list the order of people getting married, she will not be considered in the top 5 finalists, because she herself didn't seem to be looking forward of marriage in an early age.

And yet, after schooling, M went to nursing school and joint the white uniform kawai nursing force. It was really a surprise not just to me, but to everyone around. We just couldn't see the patience in her that could take up such divine occupations.

I don't really know how's her work performance. Maybe she's doing a fine job. Maybe the patients like her a lot. 'Never judge a book by its cover'.

Someone told me her most up-to-date news yesterday.

She says, M is getting married.

And I go like...WHAT???!!!!! Probably she's pregnant.

She says, M said no. But she wants to keep it a secret, not to let too many people acknowledged about it.

I say, she must be pregnant.

She says, her wedding will be next week?

You hear that? NEXT week. Any more doubt????

No matter what's the reason behind, marriage is considered a sacred relationship between two souls, while having two hearts in one life.

May the love that the two of you pledge together, be a promise of the many joys a perfect marriage brings.


p/s: I wonder what's her reaction if she sees this. Maybe she'll get angry over me, announcing her marriage here. If you could guess who she is, and she didn't invite you for the wedding, please act like you haven't read this blog. Thanks.

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