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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Faye-the-KaraQueen, remember the top you bought from Australia for me? F.C.U.K

To briefly describe this top, it's a normal plain casual white top with big font size of greeny FCUK words printed in front. Considering some people out there having any sight problem, the designer decided to make it MORE visible to tell everyone, "Hey, this is FCUK!" by multiplying it by 4 (not the font, but the number of lines printed). So, it appears to be...


Look carefully, it's FCUK...not FUCK!!! It's quite obvious if you know the brand. Else, wearing this top will only show how rebellious you are to some people out there. What's more, it's multiplied by FOUR. FOUR freaking FCUK!

But I love it. Its thin material makes it real suitable for this hot summer now.

There's a drawback though. Despite it being a prominent brand around the world, FCUK is certainly being OUT of the Hungarians' limelight. This French Connection is somehow, not connecting Hungary. Wearing it in Budapest will attract 100 eyes watching you (in a strange way), thinking how rebellious this girl is. One FCUK is bad enough, they said. And I have FOUR. That constitutes to 4 multiplying 100 eyes on you. There must be something wrong with this girl, they think. This is really F*CK.

Hungary, being a place slightly slower than the other European countries, in fashion-wise, is utterly not a bad place. Back home, you can see many people racing to grab the best designer brand, with the mind set to no-brand-no-buy, can sometime be quite sickening. In Malaysia, for instance, by just opening your eyes a little bit wider, you can easily pick a person on the street wrapped with different remarkable brand from the tip of her hair down till that last little toe of hers. "I am using Anna Sui's sharperner, can?", someone claimed. Yeah, right. As if that makes your eyebrow pencils smoother and you will have the most beautiful eyebrow despite having an ET face. So pathetic.

BUT, living in such brand unconscious country, might not be an advantage either. In other words, fashion unconscious. I, certainly is not the type living on the edge of the most up-to-date fashion nor to say stylish, but it's never a problem to get to know the latest trend as you can simply obtain it by just looking on the street, observing how other people dressed up. But no, not in Hungary. Even if you yell out "ZARA is on sale!". "Yeah? So?".


Anyway, if i have to choose to live in one of this two different world, I'll choose the former. Else, where am I going to spend my hard earn money if not on my physical appearance? No one will complain to have a luxurious life, yes?

Gotta brush up more on fashion magazines before leaving Hungary in case I am too left behind among my 'ji miu' (translation:sisters). Will find some big brand and bring it home. Maybe LV. Oh wait....what is LV?

To Hungarians, no hard feeling man...C'est la Vie...

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