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Friday, June 23, 2006

Great London

Once again, I'm trying to show my procrastinating power here...My London trip, which was like one month back. *paiseh*...

Let me warn you first, it's freaking lots of pictures!

Basically, almost everyone in the world know how London looks like, even if you have not been to the place, you've seen some pictures. But, how much do you know about London?

One word......EXPENSIVE!!! or make it two.....VERY EXPENSIVE!!!! To better describe it, IT'S F*CKING EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!!!!

Being 6 days in London, you can imagine how my money was flowing like water. Lucky enough, we have our good old friends hosting us which we could save lots of sterling. All of us who used to have lunch together in Budapest, was reuniting in London. Once again, our 'Ring of Lunch' is formed!

The 'Ring of Lunch' in Chinatown,
with Laszlo-the-Giant behind the camera

Before I start describing a bit of the trip, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Juan-the-Colombian and Edit-the-Singer for the nice hospitality. I know you were so glad for hosting us too.

Obviously, it's written on the faces.

Pictures taken on the fence of Buckingham Palace, from the inside out.

You've never been to London if you haven't seen these...

Tower Bridge at NightTower Bridge in the Day
Buckingham PalaceDouble Decker
Big Ben & Red Phone BoothLondon EyeLondon Bridge

London, a place with people from every corner of the world, where you can find all types of people on the street acting strangely from each other. Yeah, very strange indeed. Camden Town, is the one, ranks among the strangest place around, which is also the most popular place for the punks.

Oh..other than strange things and people, I met some big shots too....not the real person though...

Even Mr. TonyBlair-the-Replica greeted me...Oh, so kind of him....

Travelling around London is real convenient. With our darn expensive one week travelling card (Oyster Card), I'm glad we could utilize it to the maximum.

The reflexions in Westminster tube station

If you got to drop by at the British Museum, do observe one thing. hmm..but I am not sure it's a pride of Malaysians or we are one of the strange people around...

Our Buddhist/Taoism funeral...

The Hell Passports, Hell Cheque Book and Hell Credit Card
produced by our Hell Bank of Malaysia.
Penang is no longer famous for it's Laksa, but the Hell Financial System.

British Museum has some dead Mummies...

We have a living Mummy...

Our Misi-the-Firebird pretending to be a Mummy.

At our final day in England, we took a train to Portsmouth and our Laszlo-the-Giant, who is a big fans of Liverpool decided to go to Liverpool. 3 tickets to Portsmouth with half price. This time, I can say it's cheap, only GBP15.30 return.

It's really a beautiful port. Thanks to Kate-the-SweetSourBitter for introducing the place to us. Arigato!

Finally, some funny pictures...

Edit-the-Singer in her cute socksPeter-the-Mudra being a dustbin.
Juan-the-Colombian measuring his height.My dream car

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