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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Friendster is ruling

While I'm still single at this very moment (yes, I am), I wonder if I should be happy knowing a person at my age is getting married, or to be more precise, my ex-schoolmate HAS got married.

Who? She...

I didn't receive a single news about her marriage before, till I was so bored today to click into all the new pics posted in Friendster. And there I almost got myself a heart attack. She's showing her wedding picture and her wedding rings....

How can this thing be so secretive? How come no one ever inform me about it? How can it be no rumours at all?

For my whole school life in an all-girls school, I have never learnt anything called 'SECRET'. No, it never exist in those days. Even if you tell your partner next to you a so-called-secret-story and you literally end the story with..."It's a SECRET. Do NOT tell anyone else."...You would expect the very next day, the kacang putih Auntie asking you the progress of the story. Okay, I'm a bit exaggerating. BUT, hot news never stay in the oven for too long cause it's meant to be shared by the whole wide world! That's girls' philosphy.

And so, I thought, well, probably I am too far to catch the latest news and I msn Lisan-the-Oral to enquire about the details.

Survon:Eh, since when Gaik June got married?
Lisan:Dunno, I saw in the Friendster

Now, ladies and gentlemen, from the above chat, you would probably realize one thing - The power of Friendster. How scary it may sound, but I'm sure we can put it for good use.

Friendster, which initially started as a network to connect your friends around the world has gradually grew to become a monster that could even help you to spread trendy news and latest gossips among your friends.

Spreading news from mouth to mouth, calling your friend just to tell her you saw who is with who, arguing with who, pulling the hair of whose, and who broke up with who, is already so old-fashioned. Everyone should learn how to fully utilize the Power of Friendster.

Don't waste your money on the phone call. Don't waste your energy repeating the story to everyone with your mouth. Just login to the 21st century most popular networking tool,Friendster, and put all your gossips there for ONCE and the virus-like spreading function will automatically be launched. It works better than your mouth and travel faster than your voice.

Take this case, for example, you can get married whenever you want to whoever you wish, and try to escape from the gossips by choosing not to let anyone know so that you don't have to invite anyone to your wedding, and yet, you wish everyone knew you are married. So, just run the wedding, kiss the groom, get laid, and when everything is done, post the pics into Friendster to declare your newly registered status.

As simple as A.B.C.

You don't have a Friendster? Oh man, you are so very OUT!

To June, Congratulations and hopefully your new chapter of life will be the most wonderful life you have ever had!

Who's the one getting married next?

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