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Friday, June 16, 2006

Launching PC Rocket

I am working in an MNC company, with everything being well defined, structure being well organized, system being well designed, procedures being well planned. Everything looks so perfect.

The question is, how efficient an MNC company can be, internally?

In the office, when you want to apply for something, take a RAM as an example, you will have to raise a ticket. After you have done so, you have to wait for an approval from your superior. If it's approved, the ticket will go to the necessary department, which in this case, the IS team, which will realize your approved ticket.

After you have raised your ticket, you should expect some people coming to your desk with a RAM anytime soon. As in SOON, it means MONTHS...

Let's take my case for example....SEVERAL months ago, my Project Leader applied some extra RAM for my PC (as my PC was running 512MB, then), and guess when I got my RAM?


I am a such a HAPPY girl!

I'm happy my PC is now sprinting with 1GB RAM.

I'm happy I got it after SEVERAL months of application till I myself forgot about it.

I'm happy I got it finally when I still have maximum 1.5 month of lifespan in the company.

I'm happy it arrive just in time before I leave to touch my land of Truly Asia.

I'm happy being part of this MNC company.

I AM happy, yeah..

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