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Monday, June 19, 2006

P!NK Sunday

Guess who's in the town?

Summer in Budapest is full of color. After the Orange Sunday, along came the Pink Sunday.

This time, not the city centre is colored with Pink, rather, the Hősök tere (Heroes Square)

Everyone is waiting for
the arrival of P!NK

This is one of the awesome concert I have been. Though, we could just stay in a standing position throughout the concert, but none of us felt tired as we could dance with the music as well.

If you have ever watched P!NK's concert, you could imagine how powerful her performance is, carrying the audience to the maximum limit, to forget all the worries and just shout and dance with her.

I couldn't find a word to describe her voice....other than POWERFUL!

It was so powerful that even a bug was attracted to it and landed into P!NK's mouth. Being swollen by P!NK is certainly not a common thing and there might be thousands of people out there wishing to get in touch with her mouth. This clever bug, among so many mouths, has chosen P!NK and committed suicide there. That must be the best feng shui grave ever. But rest assured, the bug's grave did not affect her performance but she was just complaining for a while.

The concert lasted for about 2 hours with 2 extra songs for the encore.

The stage was nothing much unique, just plain black with lights beaming from every angle. Free concert, no complain.....BUT, just after the concert, firework was being set off from the ING building next to the audience.

Although it's a free concert, they could still manage to invest more $$$ on fireworks. I wonder why Hungarians are still complaining how poor their country is???

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