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Sunday, June 11, 2006

In the Heart of Europe

Time passes real fast...till i didn't realize I have actually procrastinated my Prague holiday post for a month now. *wow*....another blink of eyes, I will be writing from Malaysia.

"If you are going to Europe, you must visit Prague."...Someone once told me. "Prague is the most beautiful city in Europe."...Another person told me...And there I was spending my 3 days in 'the heart of Europe'.

Having around 1 million of population is considered absolutely NOT a densed city, but for that past 3 days in Prague, I could feel the population was multiplied by THREE, the extra was, of course, due to the tourists like me. We didn't actually feel 'alien' in such place as the place was quite tourist friendly. Everyone could speak English and most importantly, almost everyone was also a tourist himself.

Anyway, as my Prague travel mood has cast away. I will probably write more about the city itself (and pictures, of course).

Before I start bla-ing about my trip, let's have a short introduction of Prague.

Prague, aka Praha, is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic (according to Wikipedia). Basically, Prague's sight areas could be divided to 5 districts, stretching across both banks of the Vltava River i.e: the New Town (Nové Město) the Old Town (Staré Město) the Jewish Quarter (Josefov), the Lesser Quarter (Malá Strana), and the Prague Castle and Hradčany(Pražský hrad a Hradčany).

Prague city centre, is considered very small, and you could finish all the famous tourist attractions by JUST walking. The walking of Europeans. If you are a typical Malaysian, nope, better think of public transportations available.

To show how beautiful Prague is, pictures will do most of the talking, and the eyes will be the witness...BEWARE of the over-consumption internet line of yours!!!

What is fascinating about Prague, I would say, is the building itself, as in how they have maintained them and present them in their best.


And some freaky statues...

In most countries, there will be at least a famous historical bridge around representing the city...As for Prague, allow me to introduce you, the Charles' Bridge (Karlův most)...

In old town square...

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn
and Jan Hus Monument
Town Hall ClockChurch of St. Nicholas

Another typical attractions of European countries, none other than....the Castle. The history of Prague begins with this castle...

The St. Vitus Cathedral INSIDE the castle...

And then, there is this palace, which looks more luxury than the castle, and was built by a NON-royal-bloody guy, and is currently used as the home of the Czech Senate, the Wallenstein Palace and Garden...

I'm glad you could arrive to this section of the post. This at least proved your broadband is huge enough to view the pics. There are a few more hundreds of picture I would love to post them here, but people might probably start complaining about THEIR bandwidth and start condemnating to read my blog.

Anyway, I hope you could still be able to spare some space of your line to load the following few miscellaneous pics...

So, is Prague a beautiful city?

UPDATE : I forgot to mention one of the must do activities in Prague, that is the Black Magic theatre. It's awesome and there's no reason for you to miss it. Though it is not that cheap, but it's worth it (at least once a life time).

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