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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chinese in Budapest lunch

Someone told me that there'll be a Malaysian get together lunch today. I went and these are the people...

Only then that I found out that there were only 4 Malaysians (including me), 3 Hungarians, 1 Singaporean (left before the picture was taken), 1 Macau-ian, 3 Guangzhou-ian and all their blended children.

I should have been informed that this is the Chinese-from-everywhere-with-their-Hungarian-spouse get together and not just Malaysians party. I'm glad that everyone is Cantonese-speaking (except the Hungarians), so that I could practise a little bit with the real Canto speaker. I was told that my Canto sounds weird now when I was talking in Skype with one of my friend. *gosh*. But after the practise today, eh, I think I can disguise as Hongkie and no one will realize it.

The food, that's the important course in today's meeting. What do we have....Duck, small prawns, fish, char siew pao, kangkung (no belacan though), Yeong Chow Fried Rice, Man Tao, Kao Yuk (fat pork meat), egg plant, egg tart, etc etc etc...So much that I just can't list all out. This is my first ever real chinese food after coming over to Budapest for a year. And guess what, it's my 2nd time holding chopsticks here in Hungary (the first time was having Japanese food). Though the food is still incomparable to Malaysians authentic food....well, better than nothing. And it's the most expensive food I've ever paid...3000ft. With the amount of food we had, the price was expected, but still, that's a lot for a poor trainee like me.

Anyway, enjoyable lunch it was.

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