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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Final decision

Plan will be executed same time, same way....

Offer was good, renumeration was great, visa was fine, time was perfect...Did I forget to mention the flight ticket???

Oh, gosh! The least thing ever crossed your mind will always be the most hazardous speck.

Alright folks, I'm leaving....'finally-she-is-gone' grand party will be carried out as usual. All Anti-Survon fans club members are invited. Time will be the exact moment I step out of Budapest. Be punctual!

By the way, was trying to find the availability of the airlines in the internet. Everything seems to be sold out. Why do so many people rush to Malaysia for summer during summer? Hello, you Europeans LOVEEEE summer so much, why do you have to leave your summer time country when Malaysia has summer all year round?

Seriously, for the past one week, I was in dilemma whether to stay or not to stay (for another 1-2 months). If I stay, I'll get this this this and miss that that that. If I leave, I'll get that that that and miss this this this. But I decided to stay, as I'll still get to enjoy that that that in the near future. So, efforts were put in. Manager said, 99% I'll be staying. But alas... I gave up. But someone is still working hard to make it work by informing my company in all other branches about my leaving. I think I'm famous now. At least someone around the other corner of the world will think..."Hey, a trainee in Hungary is leaving the project because of the flight ticket problem. Can we help?"

Stop the fuss. I believe everything happens in the world with reason. I can foresee my bright future ahead.


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